Chorlton Eats…. More Fruit and Veg!

Chorlton Eats... more Fruit and Veg!

Planet Didsbury

Planet Didsbury After working on the Planet Chorlton booklet, we were thrilled that our near-neighbours in Didsbury wanted a version of their own. We were delighted to work with Simon and the team at People Place Planet Didsbury to create a Didsbury version. And if it looks a bit nicer than the Chorlton edition, that’s […]

A Fruitless Trip to Tomato Land

A Fruitless Trip to Tomato Land This was Morrison’s in Chorlton on March 1st 2023. Not a tomato, pepper or cucumber to be seen. But why? We’ve heard the stories about bad weather, transport and energy costs and post-Brexit red tape. All are to blame: our global  supply chains work on just-in-time models, so shortages […]

Planet Chorlton

Planet Chorlton Chorlton is a place where people connect and pull together. We help our neighbours, we take pride in our community and we love where we live. We can build on those strengths to help combat climate change – the most important issue facing us all.   Local residents, councillors and businesses recently worked […]

A Resolution we CAN keep

A Resolution we CAN keep! Did you make a load of resolutions for 2023?  You’re certainly not alone, but apparently, most of us will fail before the end of January. But why? The answer is usually pretty simple – we try to change too much, all at once.  Magazines are full of tiresome and cliched […]

A Growing Movement

A Growing Movement Chorlton started out as the country villages of Chorlton, Martledge and Hardy before the arrival of the train helped it to grow into a suburb of Manchester. Chorlton’s main activity was farming and market gardening back then; growing food to feed the city’s fast-growing population. It’s fitting then, that we are still such […]

Changing Habits

Changing Habits We hope this website will have given you enough information and encouraged you to reduce, or even cut out, meat and dairy in your diet. You don’t need to go vegan overnight – that could be tricky – but as the saying goes, great oaks grow from little acorns.  Go at a pace […]