Chorlton Eats…. More Fruit and Veg!

Chorlton Eats... more Fruit and Veg!

Planet Chorlton

Chorlton is a place where people connect and pull together.

We help our neighbours, we take pride in our community and we love where we live. We can build on those strengths to help combat climate change – the most important issue facing us all.  

Local residents, councillors and businesses recently worked together to produce a guide for Chorlton residents. it outlines how we can all do our bit. 

It features sections on reducing waste, saving energy, eating better (including reducing our meat and dairy intake), getting around and protecting our green spaces. It save you a few quid too! 

There’s also a handy directory of national, regional and local  community organisations and charities who can help or advise.

Read it now.