Chorlton Eats…. More Fruit and Veg!

Chorlton Eats... more Fruit and Veg!

Sustainable Living Event

Sustainable Living Event We’re looking forward to this event at the Edge in May. It’s another in the series of Climate Action events, supported by Manchester City Council’s Neighbourhoods Team. This time, they’ll be joined by the BRILLIANT Stitched Up Co-op.   Fast fashion – in fact fashion in general – is one of the […]

Planet Didsbury

Planet Didsbury After working on the Planet Chorlton booklet, we were thrilled that our near-neighbours in Didsbury wanted a version of their own. We were delighted to work with Simon and the team at People Place Planet Didsbury to create a Didsbury version. And if it looks a bit nicer than the Chorlton edition, that’s […]

Air fryer cauliflower!

Air fryer cauliflower We’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s £1 Wonders (currently showing on Channel 4 and All 4.)   You have to give this guy some credit: from school dinners to lockdown dinners, one-pans to one-pound wonders, he’s worked to address national issues and priorities  with warmth and imagination. Food poverty (both educational and financial), […]

A Fruitless Trip to Tomato Land

A Fruitless Trip to Tomato Land This was Morrison’s in Chorlton on March 1st 2023. Not a tomato, pepper or cucumber to be seen. But why? We’ve heard the stories about bad weather, transport and energy costs and post-Brexit red tape. All are to blame: our global  supply chains work on just-in-time models, so shortages […]

Planet Chorlton

Planet Chorlton Chorlton is a place where people connect and pull together. We help our neighbours, we take pride in our community and we love where we live. We can build on those strengths to help combat climate change – the most important issue facing us all.   Local residents, councillors and businesses recently worked […]

A Resolution we CAN keep

A Resolution we CAN keep! Did you make a load of resolutions for 2023?  You’re certainly not alone, but apparently, most of us will fail before the end of January. But why? The answer is usually pretty simple – we try to change too much, all at once.  Magazines are full of tiresome and cliched […]

Creamy Spicy Butternut Squash Pasta

Creamy Spicy Butternut Squash Pasta The team from Food Wave worked hard to feed a LOT of people at our Chorlton Eats event in October 2022: the kitchen was a hive of activity, with a fantastic team of young chefs cooking on-site. Their gorgeous, golden pasta dish was a huge hit and showed that you […]

A Sweet Treat!

A Sweet Treat! Halloween approaches. Throwing away all the good stuff you carve out of your pumpkin is food waste horror story in itself! You can roast the seeds and then make these gorgeous balls of loveliness with the flesh. Again, this recipe comes courtesy of our friends at Unicorn Grocery and was given free to […]

Spicy Pumpkin and Red Pepper Soup

Spicy Pumpkin and Red Pepper Soup At our Chorlton Eats event on October 15, we gave away more than  70 bags of ingredients for a super-tasty veggie soup.  We’ve been asked for the recipe, so here goes. This recipe – and well as all the ingredients – come from our good friends at Unicorn Grocery. […]

Meat and Dairy price increases

  Meat and Dairy price increases </h2 > A recent episode of the BBC TV show Countryfile [1] carried a story about problems facing livestock farmers. These issues of supply and rising costs will soon be seen on our supermarket shelves as prices for meat and dairy products is set to rise sharply in the […]